Session Locations.

These are just a few ideas to get you excited about picking the perfect spot for your shoot.

A little like modern small town or old….

Let’s go right smack in the middle of downtown Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins or the town you live in. Many downtown areas have backdrops for a wide variety of shots, colors, textures and more.

A little outdoorsy…

We live in Colorado!! How about Red Rocks, Bohn Park, Sandstone (in Longmont), McKay Lake, the mountains, or Lyons, or maybe your favorite place to go hiking. There are tons of locations that would make a great backdrop.  I have a couple favorites of my own but would love to photograph you in your own special locations.

But are you in the city? There are lots of greats spots with the same feel but don’t forget about the park down the street – those always make for a great family shoot too!

A little colorful and fresh….

How about a neighborhood park where there may be a perfect garden spot full of colorful flowers, swings, benches, archways, and green grass.

A little cozy…

Why not shoot in your own home, a friends home, or my home. The most priceless images are in your bed, your kids playing in their own room, swinging on their own swing set, sitting on your front steps and petting their furry pal. It can be more relaxing for newborns and toddlers, and much more personal than any other location. Your home doesn’t have to be perfect or look like it came out of a catalog….it is where your family makes the most memories, imperfections and all.

A little trendy…

Let’s go to the quaint shopping spots close to your home, Flatirons Crossing, Orchard Town Center, 16th Street Mall, Cherry Creek, and Pearl Mall or the one closest to your home. We can try out a cupcake shop or ice cream parlor.

I’m always looking for new locations so please let me know if you have any suggestions. I would love to hear them.